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Food-Wise is a coaching program that helps people understand better their relationship with food.

These FREE workshops teach the mechanics of 
- how the body makes and stores fat, 
- how it releases it safely and effectively and 
- how to truly maintain the new weight in a sustainable FUN way!

In this workshop you will learn all the things that you have always wanted to know about weight loss.  For example, you will know what creates the yo-yo effect, you will find out why some of your past or current efforts are working with only limited results.    

These workshops are free so take advantage of the opportunity to learn! If you don't register with our program, you will finally know exactly what program to choose for YOU!

Lise Hamilton-Carrière

Certified Coach / Owner of Food-Wise Weight Loss

PS:  There is no obligation to join our program.  These workshops are offered to educate and help you.